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Ages 8 - 12

Decide what you’re going to say

You need to be prepared for questions, Why? Because our little ones are much smarter than we think. They have already absorbed some information. So, by sharing what you read here and by completing the activity sheets together, it's certain to raise some questions. That's a good thing, the more questions the better, just be prepared to answer any questions as honestly as possible to make most of the learning opportunity.

By thinking through what you’re going to say, it can help you stay calm. You will be ready to handle any questions the young ones might ask. So we suggest you check out our question prep (or ‘Answers at a Glance’ sheet) within this resource pack. We also suggest you read the Activity Sheets in this pack before sharing with your child. Keep reading; we’ve outlined some simple strategies to help you talk it through.

Decide WHEN to tell them and WHERE. If not, the questions may catch you off guard. It's better to be prepared. Choose a time and a place where everyone is more likely to feel calm and relaxed. Home is often the best place, just make sure to keep these resources handy- They will help you respond to questions.

Ages 8 - 12


We've constructed ten fun activities that are carefully designed to trigger questions and conversations about HD. Each activity reflects inspiring personality characteristics as displayed by the animal stickers.

Included below are the range of activities available for the 8-12 age group. You can download the activity pack online or purchase a printed copy.

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 Awkward Questions: Answers at a Glance

What is Genetic Testing?

Suggestions from Huntington's WA:

HDYO have awesome information 

It's important everyone talks to a specialist counsellor before deciding whether to be tested. Counsellors help you think through everything so you can make the best decision.

Why has our family got Huntington's?

Suggestions from Huntington's WA:

No one did anything wrong. Unfortunately HD runs in families, it's in the family genes.

Is Aunty/Uncle going to get better?

Suggestions from Huntington's WA:

They are not going to get better, but there are lots of things we can do as a family to help them.

It's totally normal to feel sad, confused or even angry about this.

When a Doctor says someone is gene positive it means later in life they will develope Huntington's symptoms.

Is there a cure?

Suggestions from Huntington's WA:

There is no cure for Huntington's yet. There are lots of things that make living with HD easier, like

  • Doctors and nurses can give medicines
  • Huntington's organisations and HDYO can help everyone affected by HD in the family with information and support
  • Family and friends can show their love and understanding - check out Activity 5 in this pack!

Is Mummy going to get it?

Suggestions from Huntington's WA:

We're not sure...
Yes Mummy is gene positive...
No the gene comes from Daddy's side of the family...

Explain as much as you can about your family's story, maybe take some time out with another adult in the family to remember the 'good times' as well as anything relating to HD.

You could even draw a family tree, or add some photos or drawings.

Am I going to get it?

Suggestions from Huntington's WA:

No one will know unless you have a test, which isn't for a long time yet.

Who's going to look after me?

Suggestions from Huntington's WA:

We love/care for you so much, we will make sure there is always someone here to look after you.

Coming from a HD family can be very complicated. It can be very difficult at times but things are easier if we are there for each other.

Try Activity 2: The Helping Hand