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Invitation to participate in a study focusing on Depression in Huntington's Disease

Hiba Bilal is currently doing a PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology at Monash University, under the supervision of Professor Julie Stout. She is looking at recruiting participants for her PhD study, which is investigating the factors linked to depression and day-to-day changes in mood in Huntington's disease (HD). Specifically, Hiba is looking for people who are in the pre-manifest or early manifest stages of HD for this study, as well as their care partners if they are available. 

The advantage of this study is that it can be conducted remotely, meaning that participants can complete most components of the study from their home. As a result, people can participate in this study despite the restrictions that are currently in place due to COVID-19, which is great. The remote design also allows Hiba to recruit people with HD across Australia, rather than confining recruitment to a single region.

The recruitment process has just started, with data to be collected from now until at least mid-2021.  Full details of the study and contact information for Hiba are as follows: