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Huntington’s disease WAVE Clinical trial update

Huntington’s disease WAVE Clinical trial update

The Perron Institute for neurological and translational research has been very successful in recruitment for the WAVE clinical drug trial (WVE-120101) for HD in Western Australia, under the lead of Dr Carolyn Orr.

As you will be aware, WVE-120101 is an experimental treatment and has been developed to treat patients with HD with a mutation at a single point in their DNA. The purpose of this study is to determine if WVE-120101 is safe and well tolerated in the treatment of this disease when compared with a placebo control, in patients with early manifest HD. The study drug /placebo is given intrathecally via lumbar puncture.

We have dosed 10 people with HD in WA and are the lead site in Australia for recruitment! The majority of patients have tolerated the procedure very well; 3 patients have completed the placebo-controlled arm of the study and have moved into the open-label extension, meaning they will now receive the ‘real’ drug, once a month for 2 years.

We are still open for pre-screening at this point, so please contact the study co-ordinator, Jo Borrelli if you are interested in being pre-screened or for further information about the study.