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Huntington's Awareness Month

Huntington's Awareness Month



This year Huntington's WA will join Huntington's associations across the globe for Huntington's International Awareness month.

To engage the wider community we will  kick start the month with #LightItUp4HD, an initiative that commenced in Canada in 2015. On May 4 2015, Jamie - a volunteer from the Huntington  Society of Canda (HSC) - was instrumental in lighting up the CN Tower to raise the visibility of Juvenile HD (in purple) and HD (in blue) and Huntington Disese Awareness month, held each May.  When the sun set on May 4th, hundreds of thousands of Canadians saw the CN Tower lit up in purple and blue.

Thanks to Jamie's enthusiasm, “LightItUp4HD” is being promoted across the world to join Canada in lighting up buildings, monuments and statues during the month of May. You can watch a video featuring last year’s sites at

 What #LightItUp4HD means for the HD community

For the HD Community, this campaign is about increasing awareness for Huntington’s disease. The more people understand the disease the more they can accept those who are impacted and extend support.

 In Perth the iconic Bell Tower, Elizabeth Quay and Trafalgar Bridge will be lit up in blue and/or purple on the weekend of Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th May 2018.  So spread the word and if you are in the area on those dates we would love you to share some photos with us and the wider community.

 Events happening across the month of May include:

  •  Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th May #LightItUp4HD Bell Tower, Elizabeth Quay and Trafalgar Bridge
  • Friday 11th May - annual Student Forum at the Harry Perkins Institute
  • Friday 25th May -  Sundowner to launch the health and wellbeing app Impact HD - Save the Date!
  • Sunday 27th May -  join us for the HBF Run for a Reason 

Thank you for your support.

For further information please contact the office: