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HA CEO announcement: Merger date confirmed for 1 October and transition update

Dear Members, Clients and Volunteers

Re: Merger date confirmed for 1 October and Transition Update

In my last correspondence I informed that due to NDIS registration approval timeframes we may have to delay the merger date to 1 October this year. Although we still may obtain that approval before 1 July time is running out for us to be able to manage all the things we need to, such as the transfer of all our existing grants, funding arrangements, service contracts etc. So, we are making a decision now to delay the merger until 1 October, to have the certainty that allows us to move forward and complete all those tasks. Whilst on the one hand this is disappointing, on the other it will allow us to have things to a greater level of completion at merger than originally planned, especially around our systems. There is always a silver lining. At merger, it is our intention to make the changeover process for our current NDIS clients as smooth as possible.

We now have our full Huntington’s Australia (HA) management team selected with the most recent appointment of Huntington’s NSWACT’s Alison Weir having occurred early this month. Alison has been a great fundraising coordinator with NSW for the last 2 ½ years and will now make the step up to the Head of Business Development, Fundraising and Partnerships role. She brings a wealth of relevant marketing and events experience and expertise in both commercial and community fields and her warm and engaging manner will make her an excellent cultural fit.

The spirit of cooperation and collaboration that has been a hallmark of how we have gone about this merger from the very start is still being evidenced. Even though we have not actually merged yet, we have seen great examples of a willingness to work together and share resources to enable better outcomes for the HD community.

  •  NSW is supporting Queensland to start early NDIS service operations in that State (under NSW’s existing NDIS registration) by employing an NDIS Support Coordinator who will be located in Brisbane. 
  • WA has one of their experienced NDIS Coordinators heading off to Queensland for 2 weeks to support the roll out of that State’s new NDIS operations.
  • Queensland has agreed to second one of their HD Practitioners for 6 months to Tasmania to help provide much needed community support and service provision in that State. Other State HD Practitioners have been taking client cases for Tasmania to help them out in the interim. WA is lending one of their HD Practitioners to NSW to provide specialist support remotely to NSW youth clients while they recruit for a replacement.

These are wonderful examples of how working together provides tangible outcomes for our community nationally, but also provides great opportunities for staff to gain new experiences. The power of working together!

Lastly, our CEO Lenni, along with Lyn, the HR Specialist, have spent considerable time meeting with all employees in person over the last few months, to discuss new roles and the arrangements for transfer to the new organisation. With the exception of a couple of people, with whom discussions continue, everyone now knows where they will sit with the new organisation. The previously unknown start date meant that formal contract offers could not be made, but we can now get moving on this and progress to consolidating the new structure. We thank everyone for their enthusiasm and support and look forward to working together to support the HD community.


Chris Glasson

Chair HA 

16 May 2023