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Announcement of CEO Huntington's Australia

Announcement of CEO Huntington's Australia

To all State Association members, clients, volunteers, partners and stakeholders

Re CEO Appointment for Huntington's Australia

Following on from the previous announcement about State Association memberships agreeing to proceed with the merger, I am writing to announce the appointment of our CEO.

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Lenni Duffield from Huntington’s WA has been unanimously endorsed by the HA Board as the inaugural CEO of Huntington’s Australia.

 Lenni has held senior roles and provided business consulting services in health and community service sectors, has qualifications in business, management and leadership, community sector management and is currently in the process of completing her Master in Business Administration with the Australian Institute of Management, with whom she is an Associate Fellow.

 Lenni comes equipped with a range of skills, knowledge, qualifications, experience and personal attributes that make her a stand out candidate. Her commitment to and passion for bettering the lives of people with and impacted by Huntington’s disease is unquestioned.

 Fortunately for us, we have been able to see what Lenni can do in person over a good period of time, through her work as CEO in WA and thorough her Project Management work with the merger feasibility study and more latterly planning for the merger implementation.  Her consistent, high quality work and standards over an extended period of time give us great confidence that we have the right person to take the new organisation forward.

 The CEO role will be very challenging, but I am sure everyone will get behind Lenni and provide the support needed to enable her to lead us through implementation of the merger plan over the next 7 months, bed the organisation down over the following 12 months and also grow and develop it and our people as per our aspirations.

 But for now, this is a proud and momentous occasion in the thus far very short history of Huntington’s Australia. The Board has confidence that Lenni will lead us into a better future for our Huntington’s communities.

 Regards Chris Glasson

Chair HA